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New York State’s Affordable Housing Developers: What They Do, How They Do It

In the first part of our series, we ask affordable housing developers in NYC how they deal with community opposition and how they overcome it.

Can You Have Revitalization Without Displacement?

Derek Avery is providing middle- and low-income housing in struggling neighborhoods. And his company doesn’t stop at housing. It's building education resources and investing in community.

Cause of Death: Rural Life?

Every once in a while I read that the federal government has come up with some new definitions for...

More Than Marching: Creating Good Jobs That Protect Our Water And Air

Trump and his cronies are backtracking on ensuring a clean energy economy that provides green jobs to make our communities sustainable.

Report: The LIHTC Program Kept Neighborhoods Segregated

A report recently released by the Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC), a New York-based civil rights organization, suggests that...

NYT in a Time Warp?

The following is a letter to the editor I submitted to The New York Times: The Times’ Aug. 8 article, “Housing Program Moves Poor...

Greater Equality is a Must in Reviving the Economy

Adopting a more equitable housing policy goes beyond a moral imperative. It is critical to our economic success. Highlights from the 2011 Equity Summit.

Can Nonprofits Use Volunteerism to Achieve a Sustained Increase in Capacity?

Last week, we asked readers if volunteerism could play a factor in growing an organization’s capacity. Respondents offered a mixed...
Multicolored collage of houses with photos of ceramic birds

California Takes Historic Step Toward Affordable Housing for All

Amid a housing crisis in California, legislators last week approved a historic package of bills that will shape the future of housing policy in...

Is 2012 the Year of the Business Co-op?

Last October in New York City, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon officially designated 2012 as the “International Year...
Atlanta's BeltLine bike path bordered by new homes.

Sustainable for Whom? Large-Scale Sustainable Urban Development Projects and “Environmental Gentrification”

Absent a fundamentally new approach to redevelopment planning that places housing affordability at the center of the process, large-scale sustainable development projects are likely to become engines of what has been termed “environmental gentrification.”

Philadelphia Achieves Land Bank Through Compromise

Philadelphia is about to become the largest city in the country with a land bank. A land bank is a nonprofit or government agency whose...

A RADical Change for Public Housing?

Earler this month, we published an op-ed from HUD in which the authors declared the Rental Assistance Demonstration project a success, calling for a lifting of the cap on the number of units that could go through the process. The idea behind RAD is to address the massive backlog in capital improvements in public housing by […]
Blue-toned infographic that details the concept of filtering in housing.

The ‘Filtering’ Fallacy

The Council of Community Housing Organizations has created an info-graphic that breaks down the basics of filtering, the assumptions behind it, and the reasons it doesn’t work the way some say it does.

Once a City Dweller, Always a City Dweller?

Just how strong is the long-term allure of the city to young people today? Sure, cities don't have the great public schools and the...

Making a Profit on the Shards of a Glass Bubble

You’ve got to give the money-makers credit: when their giant, festering wound of an enterprise was pried open, cleansed with salt and rubbing alcohol,...

Short-Term Stimulus and Planning for the Long Term

Everyone’s excited about the money pouring, or rather trickling, out of the federal government in the form of economic stimulus. As is the case...

Another Disaster

One of the stories that has been submerged in the Midwest flooding is the complete lack of an effective FEMA response, bad judgment, and...

Subprime and the Myth of Increasing Homeownership

Alyssa Katz notes that a couple analyses show that the increase in foreclosures caused by subprime mortgages more than outweighed the new first-time homeowners...

Where the Community Comes Together

There's a place in every community where people congregate to exchange ideas, socialize, pray, engage, or just plain hang out. Those places aren't home;...