Winton Pitcoff

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Winton Pitcoff is a former senior editor of Shelterforce and former communications director at National Low Income Housing Coalition. He is currently a consultant and freelance writer in Western Massachusetts.

Manufacturing Affordable Homeownership Solutions

It’s time to take factory-built homes seriously as affordable housing.


Silence on the Stump

Talk of housing is notably absent from the presidential campaigns, but there are efforts underway trying to drive the housing issue home for good.


Educating Consumers Against Predatory Lending

In October 2001, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition established the National Anti-Predatory Lending Consumer Rescue Fund (CRF) to help victims of predatory lenders. CRF also assists homeowners at risk of […]


Promoting Consumer Education Policy

Several institutions across the country are working to promote policies that will expand consumer education and financial literacy opportunities for low-income people. Predatory lending and mortgage loan assistance are often […]


Comprehensive Community Initiatives

The report examines how community groups work together toward the common purpose of changing the way their local systems (housing, schools, welfare) work and the way community groups work within those systems.


Homeownership Rescue

Homeowners who can’t afford their mortgages can turn to nonprofit housing organizations for help.


Interview with Cushing Dolbeare

After 50 years working as an advocate for low-income housing, Cushing Dolbeare says she is finally committed to working on just housing for a while. In 1974 Dolbeare founded the […]


EZ’er Said Than Done

The Empowerment Zone Initiative is becoming a model program for community revitalization. Will these programs lead to real community empowerment or will they become just a collection of tax incentives for businesses? The initiative’s experience to date offers clues and warnings.


George Knight

After nearly 25 years with Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation (NRC), and ten years as its executive director, George Knight is leaving NRC this September. Knight has been a tireless and outspoken […]


New Hope for Public Housing?

America’s hulking public housing towers have provided a shifting symbol through the years. When built, they symbolized a generous system, giving comfort to Americans who needed help finding shelter. They […]


Sustaining Community Power

Growing up in Cleveland, Greg Watson says he “intuitively knew” early on that environmental issues were important, and at Tufts University in the late 60s he became involved in the […]


National Congress for Commuity Economic Development (NCCED)

More than three decades after the community development field began to grow by leaps and bounds, community-based development organizations are still taking on the same challenges they did in the […]