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Bill is a partner in Trusted Space Partners, a national training and consulting firm dedicated to helping community institutions develop a new and effective networked approach to resident engagement for 21st Century neighborhood life. Bill also serves as a strategic adviser to Lawrence CommunityWorks Inc., where he worked as executive director from 1999 to 2011.

Network Organizing: A Strategy for Building Community Engagement

Across the country there is a fundamental condition that consistently undercuts even the most successful community development efforts: chronic disengagement. In most cities, public or civic life is a hostile […]

Community Development Field

Preparing for Change

CBOs, particularly those involved in comprehensive community building efforts, need to do a better job of involving residents and other constituents in planning and decision-making. This is a difficult transformation […]

Community Development Field

Community Building: Hope and Caution

Moving beyond bricks and mortar, community development corporations are taking on more diverse and comprehensive roles in redeveloping their communities. Are CDCs up to the challenge? Do they have the […]

Community Development Field

The Future of American Communities

The call for community-based organizations (CBOs) to perform extensive community rebuilding is connected to larger changes in national attitudes. These changes include an increased frustration with the erosion of community, […]