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Todd Swanstrom is the Des Lee professor of community collaboration and public policy administration at the University of Missouri—St. Louis. He is the co-author of The Changing American Neighborhood: The Meaning of Place in the Twenty-First Century (Cornell University Press). Todd uses the resources of his endowment to support the St. Louis Anchor Action Network, a coalition of 16 anchor institutions working to revitalize 22 disinvested ZIP codes in North St. Louis City and County.
Five people are painting a wooden ramp leading up to a white house. Two are wearing white t-shirts and three are wearing blue t-shirts.
Practitioner Voice

Why Housing Policy Should Include More Funding for Home Repairs

Researchers found that older homeowners in St. Louis averaged $13,000 in unmet home repairs. Here’s how advocates can measure home repair need in their own cities, and why repairs make a difference.

Organizing Strategy

A Surprising Victory

When business leaders in St. Louis withdrew financial support for a campaign to pass a badly needed transit tax, it was a blessing in disguise.


Freedom for the Pike

Book Review: Subprime Mortgages: America’s Latest Boom and Bust, by Edward M. Gramlich.
Urban Institute Press, 2007, 120 pp. $25.00 (hardcover).