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Susan Saegert is professor of environmental psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center where she has worked since receiving her Ph.D. in social psychology.

Interrupting Inequality Through Community Control of Land

Our belief is that community in CLTs emerges not from the simple fact of membership, but from the relationships, cooperative efforts—and disputes–of those occupying and making decisions over the land.


American Nightmare

Homeowners under threat of foreclosure suffer a level of trauma that’s largely invisible to most Americans, while professionals working to keep people in their homes are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the crisis.


The Promise and Challenges of Co-ops in a Hot Real Estate Market

The Clinton neighborhood, also known as Hell’s Kitchen, sits in the western middle of Manhattan. From the urban disinvestment of the 1960s through the 1980s, it was the scene of […]


The Experience of Home

The voices and images in The Guided Tours at Urban Horizons vividly illustrate the importance of good, safe housing in supporting mental and physical health and successful parenting. Social science […]


CDCs, Social Capital, and Housing Quality

In a deteriorated section of Brooklyn, New York, one building stands out on the block. It is newly renovated and better kept than surrounding properties. The CDC that owns it […]