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Stephen Sugg takes on special projects at the Housing Assistance Council. He previously handled community development and related issues for Sen. Jean Carnahan, and spent six years at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Kids stand in front of a mural in Thomas, West Virginia.
Arts & Culture

An Antidote to the Negativity Surrounding Rural America

With all the news of downward trends in rural America, this rural sociologist says he finally has something to smile about.


Housing as Infrastucture: A Rural Road Trip Proposal for Ben Carson

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson said that housing is “part of the infrastructure of this country” during a March 20 interview with Fox News’ Neal Cavuto. In […]

child painting
Arts & Culture

Art Matters–In Rural Classrooms and Beyond

Its surprising that we must continually fight to make sure that the arts have a role in public schools, and prove that our low-income communities are worthy of arts and culture-related investments.