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MacArthur Foundation Announces Multi-State Affordable Housing Preservation Effort

The following was released Thursday by the MacArthur Foundation. Seizing the opportunity to make needed long-term investments in the face of a weak economy, 12 states and cities are launching […]


Worse Than a Tornado: Neighborhood Stabilization Amid the Foreclosure Crisis

NHI’s David Sailer appeared in the February 2009 issue of Planning magazine to address “the insidious destruction of entire neighborhoods now goes largely unnoticed.” With few exceptions, he says, “we […]


Two Americas On Display: DC & Las Vegas

I was struck by two hugely contrasting stories in Sunday’s Real Estate section of The Washington Post. If you want evidence that John Edwards’s “two Americas” campaign theme had substance […]


Gardening? It’s Gone to the Goats

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles is cutting its brush- and weed-clearing budget in half—by employing 100 goats.


Location, Location, Location

In an effort to promote inner-ring Philadelphia suburbs and unsung city neighborhoods, a regional planning commission has launched a high-profile informational campaign. The initiative, “Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia,” created […]


Housing a Rising Homeless Population: Female Veterans

In Dayton, a 27-unit apartment building on the Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Campus has been renovated to serve as housing for female veterans, one of about a dozen such facilities around the country.

Public Housing

Chicago Public Housing Museum in the Works

The Chicago Public Housing Museum will trace 70 years of public housing through the stories and artifacts of six decades of residents of the red brick Addams buildings along Chicago’s West Taylor Street.


Building Hope and Homes

Taller San Jose, a Santa Ana, California-based job-training program, broke ground in September on an affordable-housing project for first-time homebuyers. The planned development — three houses in Santa Ana’s historic […]


Getting a Fix on a Shape-Shifting Bailout

The oversight panel headed by Elizabeth Warren, which monitors the federal bailout for the ailing economy, is due to submit a report to Congress by Jan. 20.


Memos on How To Make Change From the Grass Roots to the Oval Office

From the grass roots to the Oval Office: Shelterforce contributors offer policy suggestions for the next president on how to make change.


‘A Fighter of Uncommon Grace’

The death of U.S. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio came as a shock not only because of its suddenness, but also because it was the loss of an affordable-housing […]


Poverty Measurements Fall Short

After more than four decades using a formula considered by critics as substandard and outdated, the House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support has begun […]