Richard Layman

Richard Layman is currently Director of Business Development for BicyclePASS, a “bicycle facilities systems integration” startup firm focused on providing high quality support facilities for biking as transportation including parking, bicycle sharing, electric bikes and other programs. He is a revitalization advocate and consultant in Washington, DC, with experience in historic preservation, commercial district revitalization and transportation planning, and he blogs about various revitalization topics at “Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space.”

Police & Community Partnerships in L.A. Housing Projects

LA's Community Safety Partnership has been covered by a variety of media outlets including NPR and The New York Times Magazine. I happened upon...
Vienna social housing

Learning from Vienna and Vienna’s Social Housing Model

Quite differently from the United States, social and civic infrastructure elements are integrated into the Vienna social housing development program.

Lesson from Sandy: Better Disaster Planning Needed for Housing

As storms become more violent and damaging, even if not necessarily more frequent, public housing organizations must update their disaster planning and build more resiliency into their organizations.

Building Community Support for Public/Social Housing

A few weeks ago, Jubilee Housing, an organization in Adams Morgan that runs a portfolio of seven buildings providing...

Mixing Multiple Housing Types Within Multiunit Buildings

There are two ways to look at the issue, in terms of what is 1) called “land tenure“ or in...
demolition of pruitt igoe

Public Housing: Building Communities vs. Providing a Place to Live

Successful housing isn't merely a function of its form—design is not destiny—it's also a function the economic and social mix present within the communities.

Trending: #HousingExtendedFamily

Unemployment and other economic reversals have led to adult children to come back home to live with their parents, increasing housing size and reducing...

Deeper Thinking, Programming Needed for Weak Residential Markets

Over the past couple of weeks John Muller at the Greater Greater Washington blog has written some truly provocative pieces, including “Ward 8 development...

Lessons in Revitalization

Having lived in D.C. for nearly a quarter century now, I am still flabbergasted to see white people pushing baby carriages on streets in...