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Reid Cramer is an independent researcher and writer focused on social policy issues. Previously, Cramer was director of the Asset Building Program and co-director of the Next Social Contract initiative at the D.C.-based think tank New America. He also previously served as a policy analyst at the Office of Management and Budget.
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The FSS Program Was Expanded Beyond Public Housing Authorities—Here’s How It’s Going

In 2018, the Family Self-Sufficiency Program was expanded to privately owned properties receiving project-based rental assistance. Here’s a look at how early adopters have used the program to support residents, and the lessons they learned along the way.


Creating a Level Playing Field in the Foreclosure Process

Congressional action is hard these days. Last year, Congress came close, but failed, to passing significant reforms to bankruptcy rules that would have allowed judges to treat primary residence mortgages […]


In Pursuit of a Responsible Homeownership Policy

Despite current economic woes, families continue to aspire to own their own homes. For many, homeownership represents a path to stability, community, and long-term wealth building. But achieving these social and economic goals requires a new policy regime and regulatory framework that mitigates the inherent risks of the process. If done right — by matching buyers with appropriate mortgage products in a transparent and fair manner — we can make homeownership work for a broad range of American families, even those with low incomes and few resources.


New Ideas For Strengthening Federal Rental Assistance

With housing stability increasingly important for families under economic duress, additional rental funds could help to fund local housing authorities in order to assist families in need. New thinking could result in a plan aimed to help families get back into the mainstream, as well place them on a on a path toward increased personal wealth.


Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Like many others in the community development field, Marianne Garvin recognizes that moving up and out of poverty requires not just a stream of income but also a reservoir of […]