Noreen Beatley

Noreen Beatley is a consultant on green building, affordable housing, and sustainable communities. She was formerly the director of state and local policy for Enterprise Community Partners. As a consultant, she has worked with the National Center for Healthy Housing and the National Housing Conference, and is currently working with the U.S. Green Building Council on their Affordable Housing Initiative.

Renovating Senior Complexes to Be Green, Healthy, and Connected

Orness Plaza is one of the only public housing developments geared toward seniors and the disabled in Mankato, Minn., the state’s fourth largest city....
Several workers stand on a partially finished home with white insulation around the foundation.

Green Is Affordable

The affordable housing movement has not only accepted green building, but is making it integral to its work.

Is Rehab Greener?

New, efficient buildings can offer all sorts of energy, water, and other environmental savings — in addition to offering modern amenities desired by tenants....

NO Vote, NO Voice

Just how important is this year’s election? If you answered “very”… you’re right. But the reality is, every election is important, especially for low-income...