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Nichole Brown is the former senior editor of Shelterforce.

Democracy at Work

Thanks to the collaborative work of many nonprofits led by the Alliance for Justice, last year’s efforts to limit funding to community-based organizations who engage in nonpartisan electoral work like […]


2006 Housing & Community Development Victories

Housing Trust Funds The Affordable Housing Coalition of South Carolina was instrumental in getting South Carolina legislators to pass budget bills that reinstate $6.5 million to the state’s Housing Trust […]


Jesus “Jesse” Leon

The lyrics of an old Diana Ross song swirl around my mind when I think about Jesus “Jesse” Leon: “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make this world a […]

Editor’s Note

The Road to Power

This year, we’ve had to remove our blinders to the notion of “these united states” – a sentiment prescribed by our government since 9/11. This country is not united; it’s […]