Nancy Wilberg

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Nancy Wilberg is the policy analyst for the Wealth-Building Policy Project at the National Council of La Raza.

Will Your State Be Punished for Taking Foreclosures to Court?

In the near future, nearly half of the United States could experience increased mortgage fees. FHFA acting director Ed DeMarco announced a proposal to change its standard practice of treating […]


The Missing Piece of the GOP’s American Dream

This week, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and members of his party hammered home the point that this country needs leaders who will do what is essential to preserve the […]


Ending “Dual Track” in California

Last week, the California legislature passed the California Foreclosure Reduction Act, finally putting an end to the unfair “dual track” system that allows banks to process foreclosure papers while also moving […]


Don’t Quit the Dream: A Vision for Homeownership Beyond 2012

After years marked by stalemate and indecision, 2012 has delivered a glimmer of hope for families and the housing market. The Justice Department kicked off the year with a historic […]


Effective Housing Reform Includes Loan Forgiveness

In April, when Ed DeMarco, the acting director of the FHFA, offered consummately ambiguous remarks during a Brookings Institute event, he spoke from a PowerPoint of figures charting whether or […]