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Murtaza Baxamusa, PhD, AICP, is the director of planning and development for the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council Family Housing Corporation. He is also speaker of the Assembly's appointee to the No Place Like Home Advisory Committee, and a board member of Housing California.

We Need a Federal Housing Agency

Our politics have made an artificial divide between the public and the private sectors when it comes to housing. It’s time to do better.

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California Takes Historic Step Toward Affordable Housing for All

Amid a housing crisis in California, legislators last week approved a historic package of bills that will shape the future of housing policy in the state. The bills raise revenues […]

A black and white map of a zoning plan for the city of San Diego.

Making It Easier to Build Won’t Generate Affordable Units

It is often convenient to blame city planners for the affordable housing crisis. Sadly, this blame is often misguided because planners do not produce housing.

Where Is Housing on the Ballot in California?

This November’s election will see over 40 local ballot measures that are related to housing in cities and counties across California. Though not directly on a statewide ballot, housing has […]

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The Real Reasons Affordable Housing Isn’t Being Built in California

The meager supply of affordable housing is a major contributor to housing’s high cost, yet the policy tools to address the shortfall often seem to worsen the problem. But this is because they ignore the underlying infrastructure and financing to support growth.


Socially-Blind Urban Planning

The contrast between prosperity and poverty is most dramatic in the harshness of inclement weather. In San Diego this past weekend, while the storms resulting from El Nino lashed at […]