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Mindy Thompson Fullilove, a psychiatrist, is a professor of urban policy and health at the New School, and author of Root Shock and Urban Alchemy.

Hungry for Housing

New Deal Ruins: Race, Economic Justice and Public Housing Policy, by Edward G. Goetz. Cornell University Press, 2013, 256 pp. $23.95 (paperback).

Purging the Poorest: Public Housing and the Design Politics of Twice-Cleared Communities, by Lawrence J. Vale. The University of Chicago Press, 2013, 448 pp. $27.50 (paperback).


Where’s the Map for Social Inequity?

I spent the day at a workshop on July 9 called, “Post-Sandy: The Effect on the Urban,” held at New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture. This rare meeting […]


The Tenacity of Dysfunction

The word resilience has different meanings in different fields. In the field of material science, it refers to the ability of a material to regain its shape after it has […]

Housing Advocacy

Recognizing the History of Fear in Public Housing

Rosanne Haggerty’s recent post, “What if We Don’t Knock it Down? Re-Imagining Public Housing,” pushes us to think broadly about the ways in which public housing can be financed and […]


Unsorting Our Cities

To improve the health of residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods, we have to address inequality, not medical care.


Better Living by Urban Restoration

It is the larger social and cultural environment of a home that creates health, not the housing unit considered on its own, concluded a 1990 issue of the Bulletin of […]

Multicolored collage of houses with photos of ceramic birds

Be It Ever So Humble

In the American idiom of good things, the importance of “home” and “community” cannot be challenged. The associated images – mom, apple pie and the picket fence – serve as […]