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Michael Bodaken is the president of the National Housing Trust.
Housing Advocacy

Developers: Organize Your Residents for 2018

On May 4, we applauded Congress’ dismissal of the Trump administration’s request for $18 billion in cuts to non-defense discretionary programs. It firmly rejected the administration’s proposals and (finally) approved a bipartisan spending bill for 2017, funding the government through Sept. 30. The lights will stay on in the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year, and our worst fears that low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled might be literally left out in the cold are allayed … for now.

Housing Advocacy

Energy Efficiency: Vital to the Budgets of Low-Income Households

Electricity and water are indispensable for day to day living, and low income households pay a disproportionate share of their income for these necessary utilities—up to 25 percent of their […]


R Street Apartments: Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Goes Green

Once marked by underinvestment and criminal activity, few neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. have undergone as significant a redevelopment over the last decade as the historic Logan Circle neighborhood.


Transit-Oriented Preservation

Affordable housing already exists near transit, but without action it will be lost.

Community Development Field

A Tale of Conflicting Circumstance

The next few years promise to feature both the best of times and worst of times for affordable housing finance and those who practice or are somehow affected by affordable housing and community development.

Community Development Field

Making Progress in the Preservation of Affordable Housing

During the last six months of 2003, one could easily make the case that the nation’s entire domestic priorities were summed up in five words: “Prescription Drug Coverage for Seniors.” […]


What Were They Thinking?

The Bush Administration’s $720 billion-plus tax plan has many backers and many detractors. However, not enough has been written about a possible “ripple effect” of the tax plan that has […]


HUD and Congress Remember HUD’s “Forgotten Housing Stock”

Over the past three years, the strong economy has driven up real estate prices in many markets, making the market rate conversion of below market, HUD-assisted or -insured apartments extraordinarily […]


Portfolio Reengineering: The Nonprofit Role

Over 500,000 units of HUD multifamily assisted housing have rents that are “out of whack” – that is, higher than market rent, according to HUD’s estimates. While many owners may […]


Mark to Market Advances in HUD/VA Measure

With Section 8 contracts due to expire on over one million assisted and insured housing units during the next decade, Congress has proposed its second demonstration in two years concerning […]


One Million Families At Risk

The dangers of Mark to Market and the needs for preserving expiring subsidized housing.