M.A. Sheehan

M.A. Sheehan is the director of the House the 9 Program at the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association. An expert in the intricacies of Louisiana’s disaster housing programs, she works with hundreds of homeowners who still aren’t home, 10 years after the levees failed. “How’s the 9?” is the question by which the recovery of New Orleans must be judged.

Policy Victory Means Millions for Lower 9th Ward

Tonya Boyd-Cannon, a singer/ songwriter, has performed at Jazz Fest and Essence Festival, and recently reached the final 20 performers on NBC’s talent show,...

Detours on the Road Home

Serious flaws in the Road Home program have kept many hard-working homeowners from coming back to the Lower 9th Ward. Let’s not repeat them after the next disaster.

2 Easy Ways HUD Could Bring More NOLA Homeowners Home—With Money It Already Has

Donna Bartholomew’s mother moved to New Orleans as a young woman and bought a home in the Ninth Ward. Over the years, raising...