Kimberly Vermeer

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Kimberly Vermeer is president of Urban Habitat Initiatives Inc., a Boston-based consulting practice working to advance sustainability and climate resilience, especially in multifamily and affordable housing. Vermeer is the co-author of Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing.
A row of large gray cylindrical water storage tanks on a roof. Behind them are heat pumps and other technical apparatus.

The Shift to Using More Electricity Will Change How Affordable Housing Is Built

Policymakers and building designers have gone from pushing for energy efficiency to focusing on reducing carbon emissions by using more electrical-based systems. What are some of the benefits and challenges of going all-electric, and how can affordable housers move forward?


Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic: Green Affordable Housing Matters More Than Ever

COVID-19 is quickly changing how we think about the places we live, and about how we will design the new normal. Green building must be part of that vision.