Kenneth Wade

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Ken Wade is senior community affairs executive at Bank of America.
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Got Something to Say? We’re Listening

In my experience with both the nonprofit and corporate worlds, I have seen how the most effective leaders pay close attention to what their key stakeholders—customers, clients, employees and investors—have […]


One Family, one Community at a Time

Congress approved more than $787 billion this year to stimulate the faltering U.S. economy and assist families hammered by the economic downturn. The appropriation, by way of the American Recovery […]


Homeownership: The Next 30 Years

Professional handwringers are maintaining a hyper-vigilant watch over the real estate market these days, anxiously looking for signs of gloom and doom. As neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing advocates, we […]


A New Twist on Housing Policy

As a campaign issue in this 2004 election, housing distinguished itself by its absence. The war in Iraq, terrorism and the economy eclipsed any meaningful debates over affordable housing policies. […]