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Joyce Fernandes is an artist, writer, and cultural worker living in Chicago, Illinois. She is the former executive director of archi-treasures; program director, Sculpture Chicago; and director of Exhibitions and Events, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
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Arts & Culture

Starting Conversations with Public Art

An arts collaboration comes up with a creative spark to facilitate discussions about neighborhood change.

Statue of children playing tug of war.
Community Development Field

A Crisis of Culture (Again)

From the removal of confederate statues throughout the South to the controversial actions by football players during the national anthem, we, as a nation, are currently arguing about what our […]

Front porch with three chairs.
Arts & Culture

Taking Back the Front Porch: Using Art to Reclaim Community Identity

The front porch is a space in-between our private family space and our more public spaces where we create our own definition of “community.” In many parts of Chicago, this space is often a battleground.

Arts & Culture

Book Review: How to Do Creative Placemaking

How to Do Creative Placemaking is billed as “an action-oriented guide for making places better.” The book was recently published by the National Endowment for the Arts, a government agency that […]

Arts & Culture

Come Together: Reweaving America’s Social Fabric Using the Arts

The election has shone a powerful spotlight on the myriad ways in which the nation is divided. The weakening of our social fabric has been lamented and analyzed through multiple […]

Arts & Culture

The Politics of Dis-Belonging

The field of creative placemaking has been challenged for its aversion to addressing the politics of social space as well as its dismissal of the feeling or idea of “belonging” […]