Joyce Fernandes

Joyce Fernandes is an artist, writer, and cultural worker living in Chicago, Illinois. She is the former executive director of archi-treasures; program director, Sculpture Chicago; and director of Exhibitions and Events, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
speech conversation balloons

Starting Conversations with Public Art

An arts collaboration comes up with a creative spark to facilitate discussions about neighborhood change.
Statue of children playing tug of war.

A Crisis of Culture (Again)

From the removal of confederate statues throughout the South to the controversial actions by football players during the national anthem, we, as a nation,...
Front porch with three chairs.

Taking Back the Front Porch: Using Art to Reclaim Community Identity

The front porch is a space in-between our private family space and our more public spaces where we create our own definition of “community.” In many parts of Chicago, this space is often a battleground.

Book Review: How to Do Creative Placemaking

How to Do Creative Placemaking is billed as “an action-oriented guide for making places better.” The book was recently published by the National Endowment for...

Come Together: Reweaving America’s Social Fabric Using the Arts

The election has shone a powerful spotlight on the myriad ways in which the nation is divided. The weakening...

The Politics of Dis-Belonging

The field of creative placemaking has been challenged for its aversion to addressing the politics of social space as...