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John Taylor is president and founder of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.
Community Reinvestment Act

CRA Modernization:  A Critical Moment for Underserved Neighborhoods

The Community Reinvestment Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act hold great promise for the creation of a more financially inclusive nation, but both depend on critical “moments in time” in Congress that will determine whether they become good laws or are weakened beyond recognition


Stop the Foreclosures. Save the Economy

It is true that the economic well-being of our nation is in jeopardy and that consumer confidence and liquidity is badly needed in order to have any hope of reversing […]


Help Now, Not Later

A real public-private partnership to assist homeowners in peril of foreclosure is achievable in short order, and there’s no time to lose.


Reclaiming a Community Focused Congress

The 110th Congress: What’s in store for housing and community advocates?


Say NO to Wal-Bank

Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, has become the retail corporate poster child for unscrupulous behavior. And now they would like to be a poster child for the banking […]


Working in Partnership

On this 30th anniversary of Shelterforce, it makes sense to take a more global approach to addressing the problems unmasked by Hurricane Katrina. We need to not only recognize the […]


We Must Rein in the Regulators

Following the presidential election, advocates working for economic justice are alarmed that ultra-conservatives in Congress will turn back the clock on access to credit, capital and basic banking services for […]


Going After the Predators

In the 1990s, minority and working class communities benefited from a significant increase in home and small business lending. Exploiting the rising homeownership in these traditionally underserved communities, predatory lenders […]


Where Do We Go From Here?

Traditionally underserved communities lost on bank modernization. Policymakers missed a great opportunity to expand CRA to the new players in the financial sector. Moreover, CRA was weakened with less frequent […]