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John Henneberger is the co-founder of Texas Low Income Housing Information Service and a longtime advocate of fair and affordable housing. He is a 2014 MacArthur Fellow.
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HUD Secretary Asks America to Accept Housing Segregation

HUD Secretary Carson’s new rule proposal asks our nation to accept legacies of racism and give up on our nation’s half-century obligation to create integrated communities.

A car and truck submerged on a flooded road.
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Rules for Radicals to Demand a Fair and Transformative Disaster Recovery

At Texas Housers, we’ve confronted a series of natural disasters over the past decade that forced us to develop new approaches for our housing advocacy. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we find ourselves back at it. Here are seven lessons we have learned.

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Houston, It’s Time to Stop Accommodating Segregation

Overall, Houston, Texas, is one of the most statistically diverse cities in the country. But at the neighborhood level, it is severely racially segregated.   This is no accident.   […]

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No Going Back to Segregation After Landmark Texas Fair Housing Case

As a Texas houser and fair housing advocate, I have been an anxious and interested outside observer of the long-running fair housing lawsuit in my state. The U.S. Supreme Court’s […]

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Give Housing Vouchers Their Full Power

A proposed rule change for the use of federal Housing Choice Vouchers would greatly improve the chance that housing vouchers will do what they are supposed to do: Provide low […]


Advocates: Let’s Get These Details Right From the Beginning

Advocates must insist that state guidelines not use exclusionary practices to deny people of color this housing opportunity, nor create housing that reinforces racial and ethnic segregation.

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Unsafe, Segregated Housing is Never “Fair”

Concord Homes in Beaumont, Texas, is the archetype of distressed public housing in America: Physically deteriorated, environmentally blighted and built in an era when racial segregation was a public goal […]

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Disparate Impact: A Texan’s Perspective

It’s important to remember, as Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project reaches the Supreme Court of the United States later this month, the actual people who bear the brunt of Texas’ history of housing discrimination. As Alan Jenkins’ earlier post on Rooflines points out, on January 21 the Supreme […]