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Jodi Weinberger served as assistant editor of Shelterforce from 2013 to 2014.

All Grown Up—And Still Fighting

Gaining Ground, by Mark Lipman and Leah Mahan. New Day Films, 2013, 58 min. Price Varies by use and format


An Organizer’s Work Is Never Done

An unprecedented local hiring win is a stepping stone in a trajectory to turn workforce development on its head.

Manufactured Locally

While there is much debate about the state of large-scale domestic manufacturing, a few places are quietly supporting local manufacturing for items that have been made overseas for some time, from jewelry to jeans.


The American Dream Under Duress?

“For most Americans, the housing crisis is hardly a thing of the past.” This is how Hart Research Associates opened its presentation on the second annual “How Housing Matters” study […]

Housing Advocacy

Twin Cities HUD Office Spared in Scheduled Closings

Here's some good news to start your Monday: A HUD office serving Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota will stay open and continue providing services to its unique client base […]

An image that says "Stop Gentrification in Pilsen."
Neighborhood Change

NPR: “Gentrification May Be a Boon To Longtime Residents”

Studies say that gentrification could be a good thing for low-income residents, but people suffer when they can’t afford to stay in their neighborhood. So what’s up with these studies?

Housing Advocacy

Mel Watt, Get to Work!

Monday marked a big victory for housing advocates as Rep. Mel Watt was sworn in to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency. He replaces Edward DeMarco, who many housing advocates […]

Housing Advocacy

People First, Profits Second

The most important part of The Atlantic Cities' piece, “Has Germany Figured Out the Way To Keep Rents Affordable?“ isn't whether Germany has figured out the way to keep rents […]


Dare to See the Possibilities in Manufactured Homes

Residents in the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto, Calif., are fighting to stop the sale of their community to a luxury housing developer. At stake is the loss […]


Illinois Housing Groups Band Together to Survive New HUD Regs

Community development leaders took a grim view on some impending changes to HUD HOME regulations, telling Shelterforce in 2012 that the new rules would hurt community housing development organizations (CHDOs) rather […]

Fair Housing

Little Rock Residents Fight Displacement, Win Big

What happens when neighborhoods come together to fight displacement from a powerful and seemingly unstoppable political force? They win. Residents in the predominantly African-American neighborhoods of Central Little Rock were […]

Neighborhood Change

Can Banksy Make New York City Affordable Again?

Earlier this month Shelterforce posted a conversation about gentrification that posed many different questions about the term and its role in community development. One of the toughest issues for people working […]