Jeffrey Lubell

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Jeffrey Lubell is the director of housing and community initiatives at Abt Associates. He is also a co-director of the National Community of Practice on Local Housing Policy, in partnership with Ingrid Ellen and Mark Willis of the NYU Furman Center.

Five Ways to Strengthen Local Housing Strategies

Local policies play a role in addressing the growing problem of high housing costs. This guide can help simplify the complex landscape of housing policy.


3 Good (and 3 Not-So-Good) Uses for HUD’s New Data on Location Affordability

HUD and the Department of Transportation recently released the Location Affordability Portal, a new website designed to share information on the combined costs of housing and transportation. The site includes […]

Housing Advocacy

Could Transportation Policy Transform Affordable Housing?

Ask affordable housing practitioners what keeps them up at night and you’re bound to hear about these two major concerns: • Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) opposition to affordable housing […]


New Ideas For Strengthening Federal Rental Assistance

With housing stability increasingly important for families under economic duress, additional rental funds could help to fund local housing authorities in order to assist families in need. New thinking could result in a plan aimed to help families get back into the mainstream, as well place them on a on a path toward increased personal wealth.


$4 a Gallon Gas Changed (Nearly) Everything!

This contribution arrived via time capsule from Aug. 28, 2020: Looking back, the signs should have been obvious: After decades of decline, city populations stabilized during the 1990s and even […]