Janice Litwin

Janice Litwin is The Community Training and Assistance Center's (CTAC) Senior Program Specialist and Coordinator of the Management Information Center; Janet Lansberry is Program Development Coordinator; William Slotnik is Executive Director; John Vaughn is Associate Division Director of Community Development. CTAC, based in Boston and working nationally, has provided training and assistance in the development of broad-based neighborhood revitalization efforts; built the capacity of CBOs producing, preserving and rehabilitating thousand of units of housing; helped residents in HUD-assisted properties to complete tenant buy-outs and assume management control; managed the Mott Foundation's annual program of seed grants to emerging neighborhood organizations; helped local organizations develop public-private partnerships and increase affordable housing; and established regional coalitions of CDC's engaged in developing comprehensive planning strategies. CTAC is now launching Inner City 2000 to build the capacity of six cities throughout the U.S. to plan and implement comprehensive, resident-controlled neighborhood revitalization.

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