Heidi J. Swarts

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Heidi J. Swarts is an assistant professor of political science at Rutgers University, Newark, and the author of Organizing Urban America: Secular and Faith-Based Progressive Movements.
Community Development Field

Achieving Effective Work

For groups with a local base, including faith-based networks, National People’s Action, and ACORN, effective national work exhibits these features: Deep local experience on the issues *Campaigns and capacity that […]

Community Development Field

In Praise of Faith-Based Community Organizing

Government has frequently turned to the voluntary religious sector to provide social services. The question is how and why it’s done: to entice religious conversion, impose sectarian values, to win conservative votes? Or to meet human needs?


Organizing Nationally to Win Locally: Faith-Based Community Organizing’s New Frontier

Over the past few years faith-based organizing networks have broken onto the national organizing scene, adding grass-roots power and issue expertise to some of the biggest problems of the day.