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Harold M. Barnette is a writer, developer, and consultant specializing in sustainable development strategies.
Community Development Field

Community Development: Let Your Mission Do the Talking

In Part 1 of this post, I discuss the issues around the term “gentrification.” Here are two other terms that have become problematic in community development. Like “gentrification,” “displacement” and […]

Neighborhood Change

‘Gentrification’ is a Linguistic Weapon Hurting Us All

As the challenges of community development have evolved and become more complex especially over the last decade, the language used to frame and define those challenges has failed to change […]

Community Development Field

Community Development Corporations at a Crossroads

For nearly half a century, community development corporations (CDCs) have been a tool of choice for organizing and implementing grassroots economic development programs. Emerging in the aftermath of the civil […]


Atlanta’s Pittsburgh Neighborhood: Building the Sustainable Urban Community

One Atlanta neighborhood’s experience of the housing bubble and expected transit investment leads it to invest in a land trust and a vision based in sustainability.