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Eric Oberdorfer is a research associate at the Housing Assistance Council.

Accounting for Our Sometimes “Hidden” Homeless Veterans

Ensuring that veterans have access to safe, secure housing is critical, and President Obama and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have made a significant push to end veteran […]


Congress Agrees: Collaborative, Comprehensive Care Needed For Rural Vets

Rural America has a strong history of protecting our country. In fact, as highlighted in a recent report on rural veterans, veterans are more prevalent in rural America, comprising 11.4 […]


How Will We Care For This Overlooked Population?

As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, rural America is aging faster than the rest of the country. Delving a little deeper into some of the characteristics of this […]


Keeping Rural Seniors in Their Homes

Through my work researching housing for rural seniors, two things have become evident: first, rural America is older than the nation overall, and second, aging in place is the best […]


From Food to Housing: Sacrificing Quality for Quantity in the Colonias

In November, the Washington Post published an article entitled “Too Much of Too Little” about recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, in Hidalgo County, […]


In Rural America, Veterans Continue to Fight for Housing Aid

No veteran who has risked their life to protect our homes should return to find that they are not able have their own. For their service and sacrifice, it is […]


Understanding Rural Homelessness

Rural homelessness differs from urban and suburban homelessness. The image of an individual sleeping on the street, clearly visible to those passing by, is much less frequent in rural America. […]


Counting Better: A Step Toward Addressing Native American Homelessness

Homes in Indian Country are three times more likely to be crowded than those in the United States as a whole, according to the 2010 Census. Many of the people […]