Emily Thaden, Kim Graziani, Annie Stup

Emily Thaden is the director of Research & National Policy for Grounded Solutions Network. Grounded Solutions Network connects national and local expertise; bringing together the networks, knowledge and support needed to build inclusive communities. She received her doctoral degree in community research and action from Vanderbilt University and her bachelor’s degree from New York University. Kim Graziani serves as vice president and director of National Technical Assistance for the Center for Community Progress where she oversees, coordinates and helps deliver a diverse range of technical assistance to communities across the country. Kim previously served as the Director of Neighborhood Initiatives for the City of Pittsburgh and also spent several years working for community development corporations, foundations and social service agencies in Pittsburgh, Atlanta and New York City. Kim received her Master’s Degrees in Public Administration and Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh where she served as part-time faculty. Annie Stup received her master’s degree in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from The New School and her bachelor’s degree from Fordham University. Annie recently completed her capstone project on the collaboration between community land trusts and land banks throughout the country.