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Dori Glanz Reyneri is an industry leader at the intersection of Medicaid and housing at Manatt Health, a legal and consulting firm that advises many state Medicaid agencies, providers and other key stakeholders on Medicaid policy and strategy. A director at Manatt, Dori has worked on engagements with Medicaid leadership in multiple states to develop, negotiate and implement 1115 waiver and other Medicaid authority requests that allow Medicaid coverage of housing supports. Prior to Manatt, Dori worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget on Medicaid.
A senior Black woman wearing top and pants in shades of pink with a dark gray sweater, and wearing a surgical mask, sits in an armchair facing a home healthcare nurse. She is Black, with very short hair and wearing black-rimmed glasses, blue scrub top; also wearing a surgical mask and stethoscope, and carrying a clipboard or tablet. On the wall behind the seated woman is a bright blue artwork.

How States Can Use Medicaid to Address Housing Costs

New federal guidance enables states to use Medicaid dollars to support housing needs.