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Dee Walsh is the executive vice president and chief officer of strategic development for Mercy Housing (MHI). Walsh oversees the work of the Mercy Loan Fund and MHI’s four regional offices. She previously held leadership positions with the Network for Oregon Affordable Housing, REACH Community Development, and Housing Partnership Network.
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Community Development Field

Nun Funds: The Original Impact Investors

Rising out of a practice of shareholder activism that began in the 1970s, Women Religious made the leap from monitoring their investments on Wall Street to becoming pioneers in investing directly in the communities and social justice causes for which they cared.

Community Development Field

Coming Together

The nonprofit housing development field has myriad intermediaries and support organizations, but no one unified voice. Should it have one?


Balancing Act

Old definitions may be obsolete as CDCs weigh whether to grow and how to build their impact in today’s social and economic environment.