Debby Goldberg

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Debby Goldberg is special project director at the National Fair Housing Alliance.

HUD Was Wrong To Suspend This Important Tool For Racial Equity

On May 8, 2018, three fair housing groups took action to preserve an important tool for community empowerment and equity.


New Bills Would Enforce Ignorance on State of Housing Opportunity

The 115th Congress has just gotten underway and already several of its members have launched an attack on some fundamental American values: the belief that choices about where to live […]

Fair Housing

Effects Matter: Disparate Impact Standard for Fair Housing Ratified

Fair housing advocates celebrated a major milestone last month when HUD issued final regulations ratifying that “disparate impact analysis” can in fact be used to assess compliance with the federal […]


From Burden to Boon: REOs Can Expand Housing Choice

This post is part of an ongoing series based on the National Fair Housing Alliance report, “The Banks Are Back, Our Neighborhoods Are Not,” that examines ongoing discrimination in the […]

Financial System

Insuring Reinvestment

Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have been fighting for decades to get equal access to financial services, fend off predatory lenders, and get the banking industry to reinvest in […]


Congress Passes, Communities Pay

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley paves the way for a wave of mergers creating Citigroup-like conglomerates that span banking, insurance and securities, and control hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. The bill […]