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Chester Hartman was a contributing editor to Shelterforce, a founder of Planners Network and the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, and a prolific author and scholar on radical urban planning topics.
Organizing Strategy

Occupy Wall Street: A New Wave of Fair Housing Activism?

Is there a new community reinvestment movement afoot?


The Case for a Right to Housing

While the Constitution of the United States ensures citizens many rights, housing is not one of them—although such a right has been advocated for many years. Shelterforce asked Chester Hartman and Rachel G. Bratt (co-editors of A Right To Housing, with Michael E. Stone) to discuss this notion of a “right to housing.” Hartman, answering a series of questions, puts it into the context of other rights Americans expect. Bratt explains how a right to housing can advance the work of CDCs.

Through an open car door, two sleeping children are visible

Left Behind

Student transience has received scant attention in the extensive literature about educational problems in the United States. Yet research indicates that students who are highly mobile acquire basic skills at […]


Interview with Roberta Achtenberg, Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Roberta Achtenberg, former Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, came to Washington from San Francisco, where she had been an elected member of the city’s Board of Supervisors […]

exterior of HUD building in Washington, D.C.

Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing

Joseph Shuldiner Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing Prior to coming to HUD, Joseph Shuldiner was executive director of the Los Angeles Housing Authority (1990-93) and before that was […]