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Bobbi Murray is a communications professional who began her career as a grassroots organizer and has worked as a radio producer, fundraiser, media liaison and journalist. Her reporting has taken on a broad sweep of issues--politics, police reform, economic justice, immigration, globalization and labor in such publications as LA WEEKLY, the LOS ANGELES TIMES, LA CITY BEAT and LOS ANGELES magazine, as well as THE NATION.

California Off a Cliff

Hey everybody, have you heard? The California legislature finally passed a budget plan on July 21 (the constitutional deadline is June 15). The state famously began paying bills with IOUs […]


Mapping the Meltdown (And Some Possible Exits)

If you’ve ever had occasion in your life to stop and ask yourself “How did I end up HERE?” you already know you don’t say that when good things are […]


Job Quality & The Stimulus Package

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the Stimulus Package — passed by Congress in a painful process in February, proposes to create or retain at least 3.5 million jobs […]

Walt Weighs In On The Economy

So this is weird: December 5 is Walt Disney’s birthday and I get these two separate Disney things in the e-mail from different people but not entirely unconnected — both […]


In From the Margins

Well well well — Wall Street goes into the dumper after years of “free market” worship and Congress and newspapers and all begin fumbling for advice, new sources. Someone to […]


Community Organizing: The Sequel

Election Day’s over, we’ve already blown past “Yes We Can!” to “Yes We Did!” Now we’re on to watching President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team and his potential appointees. But can […]


Doesn’t Voter Fraud Require Actual Voting?

John McCain’s peculiar, over-the-top attacks on ACORN were initially a little hard to take seriously. Even when he kept on, it just left us asking, “Where is he going with […]


Greetings From Out West

It might have been that brick to the head as a child (long story), but it was October 6 before I realized the second McCain-Obama debate was October 7. By […]


The Free Market Ain’t Free

On Friday, President Bush suddenly decided it was okay for Government to make contact with the Market’s Invisible Hand, as long as Government does not slap The Hand’s wrist but […]


GOP: Organize This!

I kind of knew it before, but watching John McCain’s speech as I write, it’s easy to see how the GOP VP pick Sarah Palin’s speech on Wednesday was planned […]


Obama’s Nomination: Just in Time For Labor Day

Bill Clinton stepped up the other night and did what he needed to do if the Dems want to win this election: he threw down for Barack Obama and said […]


You Don’t Have to Go Home — You Just Can’t Stay Here

The wags at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — a.k.a the U.S. immigration agency — launched a pilot program last week that would allow people with outstanding deportation orders to […]