Barbara Samuels

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Barbara Samuels is Director of the Fair Housing Project at the ACLU of Maryland.

The Danger in Restricting Our Definition of “Preservation”

The real focus of preservation—and the definition—should be on the bigger picture of preserving the assisted/affordable housing stock in a community or region

Fair Housing

“Nowhere to Live Safe”: Moving to Peace and Safety

We all experience stress in our daily lives, whether financial worries or problems at work or at home. Few of us escape some exposure to “adverse childhood experiences.” But many low-income families have to live, day in and day out, with corrosive fear for their children’s basic safety. A new policy brief, authored by researchers […]


Lifting the Voices of Housing Voucher Holders

My organization, the Maryland ACLU, recently helped launch a new website, Who needs another housing website? In fact, yes, there is a need. Until now, housing mobility has not […]