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Barbara Burnham is vice president for federal policy at Local initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).
Housing Advocacy

Starting All Over Again: Your New Dance Partners in Congress

A lot is going on at the federal level right now. The sequester that we never thought would happen in the fiscal year 2013 budget, has.  On the average, 5% […]


Election 2012: All Over But The Governing

The signs are off the lawns, checkbooks have closed (for now anyway), the president and Congress are back to full-time work, and the losing candidates are licking their wounds (and […]

Community Development Field

Breaking Down Walls: Who’s on First on the Banking Committees?

This entry is the third in a series of attempting to demystify the “new” Congress. My last two posts looked at the membership of House and Senate housing and community […]

Community Development Field

Breaking Down Walls: Senate Appropriators

Last week we looked at the House appropriators, this week we are moving across the Hill to the Senate appropriators who oversee funds made available to housing and community development […]

Policy and appropriations: a vew of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
Federal Policy

Congress: Breaking Down the Walls

Washington is a really confusing town in good times and an almost indecipherable town in surreal times like these. In order to make sense of the work that I do […]