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Under Trump, Treasury Goes Backward on Community Protections

A recent Treasury Department report on bank regulation and policy promotes changes that would move us backward when it comes to building a financial system that is equitable, efficient, and protects consumers and communities from abusive practices.

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Community Development Field

Making Progress in the Preservation of Affordable Housing

During the last six months of 2003, one could easily make the case that the nation’s entire domestic priorities were summed up in five words: “Prescription Drug Coverage for Seniors.” […]


Tracking the Homeless: An Overview of HMIS

In Massachusetts a few years ago, data from homeless shelters revealed that a majority of residents had entered the system almost directly from foster care, prison or hospitals. As a […]


Building the Political Will to End Homelessness

“Ending homelessness” has become something of a watchword in Washington, yet it is utterly bereft of meaning. The nation’s poor are facing the country’s biggest job and housing crisis since […]


Foundation Fury

Private foundations are roiled, agitated and mobilized about a tiny provision of the Charitable Giving Act of 2003. Section 105 of HR 7 would do two things. It would reduce […]


Saying No to “Ney”

Representative Bob Ney (R-OH) has introduced HR 833, “The Responsible Lending Act,” under the guise of protecting consumers from predatory lending. But the bill would actually exacerbate the problem by […]


What Were They Thinking?

The Bush Administration’s $720 billion-plus tax plan has many backers and many detractors. However, not enough has been written about a possible “ripple effect” of the tax plan that has […]


Local Lessons for Legislators

The new legislative season is usually a time of optimism for housing advocates, many of whom believe that the right words, coupled with the proper legislative and public relations strategy, […]


What Congress Left Behind

Legislators failed to complete a range of major initiatives during the 107th Congress, including the passage of affordable housing legislation and reauthorization of federal welfare programs. Although these carry-over items […]


The Legislative Agenda and the Nonprofit Sector

Most community developers do not think of charity and philanthropy as policy issues that fit on the advocacy agendas of CDCs, but they do. Repeal of the estate tax, the […]


FHA, Turning an American Dream into a Neighborhood Nightmare

Neighborhood leaders know that it is impossible to truly revitalize communities without solving the severe housing abandonment and foreclosure problems plaguing urban areas. It is this premise that led National […]


Housing and the Bush Tax Cut

Some of the most important policy decisions affecting low-income housing in the years ahead are not about housing per se, but instead revolve around last year’s massive federal tax cut. […]


Time for a Common Sense Policy on Homelessness

On any given day, at least 800,000 people are homeless in the United States, including about 200,000 children in homeless families. Over the course of an average year in the […]