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Questioning Drug Testing

Arrest records aren’t the only barrier to employment out there that’s not about skills and job readiness. During the post-Katrina redevelopment of the New Orleans C.J. Peete public housing development […]

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Seed Capital for Some Capital Seeds

High Mowing Seeds, an organic seed company, grew out of what is known today as “slow money,” or patient capital. The founder, Tom Stearns, started his business with a line […]


New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund began one of the strongest CDFI individual investor programs in the country by simply offering donors the option to make loans, starting in the 1990s. […]

Community Development Field

Who is at the table?

Who is at the table is important for both capital absorption and for the success of investments that get made. For example, in the Twin Cities, an award-winning CDFI, the […]

Community Development Field

Enterprise Community Impact Note

Enterprise Community Loan Fund created the Enterprise Community Impact Note in 2010 with the goal of raising $50 million from impact investors. By systematically addressing both technical securities issues and […]

The cover of The Long Road from C.J. Peete to Harmony Oaks
Public Housing

The Long Road from C.J. Peete to Harmony Oaks

Those charged with redeveloping one of New Orleans’s Big Four public housing developments faced an extreme version of nearly every challenge that public housing redevelopment struggles with.

Community Development Field

Lessons Learned from Harmony Oaks Redevelopment

Lessons learned from the Harmony Oaks redevelopment: You can do good work even in a devastated city, but you have to build an alternate set of systems until the regular […]

Community Development Field

How Did the Community Development Industry Become So Housing Centric?

The nonprofit community development industry has grown and matured over the last thirty years. During the 1970s this nascent movement was boosted by the 1971 passage of the Home Mortgage […]

Organizing Strategy

596 Acres creates tools to help neighbors “Find the lot of their lives” by:

596 Acres creates tools to help neighbors “Find the lot of their lives” by: making municipal information about vacant public land available online through a searchable map and on the […]


A Community-Driven HIA

The Healthy Corridor for All HIA examined the effects of zoning decisions around a planned light rail line in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area (see “Making Light Rail Stop for Us,” […]


The Six Steps to an HIA

A health impact assessment is a six-step, systematic approach to assessing the likely health consequences — good and bad — of a proposed action. Screening. Determine whether an HIA is […]


Detroit: Precise Associates

“When we try to stabilize neighborhoods, rather than being scattered in approach, we try to buy as many properties as possible in a given location and then protect our investment […]


Chicago: Mercy Portfolio Services, a subsidiary of Mercy Housing

“How do we knit together the capacity, whether it’s the developer, lawyers, title companies, lenders, and define the deal so that we can move properties with as much velocity as […]