Advocate, Activist, or Affected, Join the “Can’t Wait List”

Here at Shelterforce we love telling stories.

So today we're sharing the latest from the Homes for All campaign. The group of housing advocates has launched a project called the Cant Wait List that will act as a “storybank that will document the lives of countless individuals and families that are waiting for affordable housing nationwide.”

In October, we shared one of those stories in publishing the first-hand account of Rossana Torres, who communicated the need for the FHFA to contribute to the National Housing Trust Fund with her story about her struggle as a single mom trying to afford a place to live with her two kids.

With the Can't Wait List, Homes for All is showcasing the stories of the millions of Americans that pay over 50 percent of their income to house. On the site you'll see a calculator that will tell you if you're paying too much for housing, a link to sign a petition to support affordable housing, and the faces of hundreds who have come forward to share their story.

Shelterforce is the only independent, non-academic publication covering the worlds of community development, affordable housing, and neighborhood stabilization.


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