Tune into NHI & PDI Web cast—How To Get Out of the Mortgage Mess

For those of you unable to tune into our June 3 Learning Lab Web cast held in collaboration with The Professional Development Institute, here’s a link to the archived version.

John Taylor, president and CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, discusses various topics including what’s in store for mortgage holders with option ARMs; a review of what has and what has not been accomplished in mitigating the foreclosure crisis on a state and federal level.

Pat Morrissy, executive director of HANDS, Inc. in Orange, N.J., outlines grass-roots strategies for high-impact, sustainable neighborhood change. He gives insight into an ongoing Essex County, N.J., initiative — from initial property surveys that evaluate which properties offer maximum intervention impact to property stabilization, setting up financing pools, and partnering with CDCs and others.

While you won’t be able to participate, you may listen in and view the online white board.

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